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Indiana (Response to potentially canceling classes inquiry):

Unfortunately, I think at this time we have more questions than we actually have answers due to the ever-changing information on COVID-19.

Below are some resources that address a few of your questions:


Virtual school counseling.  

Ethics on virtual counseling - page 6: 


ASCA position statement on virtual school counseling:


Based on others experience in the School Districts as a virtual school counselor:

* Use the platforms that are approved by your district (Schoology, google classrooms, etc.). Does your school have a platform for meeting virtually face to face (google chat, zoom, etc.) - use the system approved and provided by your district.   

* If you have google, talk to your administration about creating google voice phone numbers for counselors. These are then the property of the school district and maintain personal/professional separation.

* Establish set office hours and stick to them, communicate them frequently and often (include how to access crisis support if needed in autoresponders).

* Determine the frequency of contacts through the end of the year based on your current calendar

* Consider the impact of closure and support needed for students needing access to services provided by your school (AP testing, ACT retakes, etc.). 

* Establish online systems for things that may have typically been done in person or via your office (transcripts, summer school registration, etc.)

* Create protocols and systems for students who are not engaging in online course work.  Who is responsible for contacting the student and family (teacher, counselor, dean, case manager, etc.) This type of learning is not for everyone and some of your students will struggle.  How will this be monitored, will students fail classes, get incompletes, WD's?  

* If you have any student-athletes looking at playing college-level athletics are there any possible implications for approved courses?  



DPI Coronavirus Resources:  


ASCA resources on Coronovirus:  

Student Service plan for COVID 19.pdf

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